CEOP Update: Friendly WiFi – How to Locate Filtered Public WiFi

Posted on September 16th, 2014 in Parents by Mrs Hill

Free WiFi connections in public spaces – for example, shopping centres, train stations, restaurants and cafés – are now common-place. But until recently there was no way of knowing if these connections were filtered and safe for children to use. The Friendly WiFi scheme has now been established in the UK, checking that businesses offering public WiFi to their customers provide a service that filters out inappropriate material such as child abuse websites known to the Internet Watch Foundation and pornography.

The main aim of the Friendly WiFi scheme is to make sure that children are not exposed to inappropriate material online. The Friendly WiFi symbol clearly highlights which companies have safe, filtered public WiFi available. Scheme members can display the Friendly WiFi logo, providing children, young people and their parents with the option to choose and use a Friendly WiFi site, to ensure that the public WiFi that they are accessing is filtered and independently accredited.

To find out more about the scheme and to locate your nearest business offering Friendly WiFi please visit:

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